My parent's nostalgic wedding pictures are some of the most important pictures in my mother's life. They capture moments frozen in time, a glimpse into the beginning of a beautiful love story. As I gaze upon those treasured images, I am reminded of the legacy they have gifted me - the values, the traditions, and their commitment to love and support to one another. I will always be thankful to the photographer who showed up for them and their memories that day because I get to treasure their images for a lifetime.

 As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of stepping into the lives of couples and their families, freezing moments of love, joy, and connection. My mission is to preserve the memories that will be treasured, shared, and reminisced over for years, so that future generations can feel the love, laughter, and magic that filled the air on their wedding day.

Meet Lupe

Hey, there! I'm lupe - oregon raised, fueled by the california sun

'm a bilingual wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. I have 15 years of experience


over 100 weddings. My work has taken me to photograph weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, Southern CA, NV, and the Southwest.

In 2018, I moved from the Pacific Northwest to LA with a purpose; All because at 16 I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a “Los Angeles wedding photographer” when I grew up.

 'm a bilingual wedding & portrait photographer based in 

Los Angeles, CA. I have fifteen years of experience and have photographed

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